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Causative HELP April 30, 2012

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Causative HELP

Causative help artinya membantu atau memberikan pertolongan. Pada Causative, seseorang atau suatu benda tidak melakukan kegiatan dengan sendirinya.

Causative untuk benda dan orang dapat dibuat dalam dua pola:
help someone or someting do, dan
help someone or something to do

Coba bandingkan dengan causative Let

Manakah yang bukan merupakan kalimat causative help
I don’t want to help you to do your task
She can’t help standing any longer


Causative Help

– help can be used as a causative

– let means a person assists another person to do it.

– Use a verb word or infinitive after a person (No -ing form)

* help + person + infinitive

= help + person + verb word

(ex) I helped her to pack the luggage.

(ex) Would you help me deliver this box?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of have and the verb in brackets.

1. My hair’s getting far too long. I need to _______ it _______ . (cut)

2. Noah hates _______ his photo _______ . (take)

3. I’ve lost my key so I’d better _______ another one _______ . (make)

4. My watch isn’t working properly. I ought to _______ it _______ . (repair)

5. I’m going to _______ my suit _______ as there’s a coffee stain on the sleeve. (dryclean)

6. It’s time we _______ our car ______ . (service)

7. Katie can’t find a wedding dress she likes so she’s considering _______ one _______ . (make)

8. As this summer is expected to be really hot we’re planning on _______ air-conditioning _______. (instal)

9. Jenny’s worried she may have a high cholesterol level so she wants to _______ it _______ . (check out)

10. The police suspected the fugitive was hiding somewhere in the building so they _______ it _______ . (search)


1. have / cut

2. having / taken

3. have / made

4. have / repaired

5. have / drycleaned

6. had / serviced

7. having / made

8. having / installed

9. have / checked out

10. had / searched





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